Our Vision

To be one of the reputed institution of rendering a world-class training over a wide range of aviation related disciplines with highly qualified professionals.


Our Mission

To emerge as a world leader in Technical Training by continuously updating our course content and methodology and deploying state of the art training tools.


Our values

To provide our students with a quality learning environment, and to equip them with the knowledge, tools and experience they require to enjoy a successful career in aviation.

About The Founder

Capt.Gowri Sankkar is the Founder of GS Aviation Academy. A qualified commercial pilot, Capt.Gowri Sankkar is an Aerospace Engineer who has dreamt of becoming a pilot since he was a kid. He received his Commercial Pilot License from one of the best flying schools in Canada.

In addition to his Canadian and Indian CPLs, he also has a solid technical knowledge of aviation having worked at Boeing for 5 years. Due to his background in Aerospace Engineering, he also has solid fundamentals in the subject. The combination of his flying experience and knowledge about the DGCA papers makes him an ideal tutor for India's aspiring pilots.

He has so far trained many Pilot aspirants on the DGCA's examinations and helped them move closer to realize their dream of becoming a Pilot.

He combines powerful lessons, unique stories, tons of energy and enthusiasm to make every training session a memorable one.

He is a passionate trainer with a drive to transform people and bring the best out of them.

Success Stories

GS Aviation Academy

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